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No other rental company has just a cloakroom assortment only. Van Dongen Events is completely specialized in cloakrooms for events. This is our benefit to make your cloakroom successful.

Cloakroom racks

Cloakroom rack 2 meter

Cloakroom rack 2 meter (112 hooks)

€ 22,50

Cloakroom rack 4 meter

Cloakroom rack 4 meter (224 hooks)

€ 36,00

Cloakroom rack 6 meter

Cloakroom rack 6 meter (336 hooks)

€ 49,50

Cloakroom rack 8 meter

Cloakroom rack 8 meter (448 hooks)

€ 63,00

All prices exclude VAT. Material prices are per week, extra weeks 50% of rental price. Prices are in Euros.